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Most people are aware that XPEL products can protect you and your vehicle from the sun’s harmful rays and uncomfortable heat, but now with XPEL Architectural Window Film, we can do the same thing for your home or office!

UV rays can cause up to 60% of all fading, damaging your furniture and valuables. XPEL VISION  helps protect your belongings by drastically reducing UV rays in addition to lowering your energy costs and glare, all while increasing your overall comfort. 

XPEL VISION Architectural Window Film

VISION home & office window film provides an innovative solution to increase the performance of glass by addressing specific needs related to temperature control, glare, heat, harmful UV rays, safety, security, privacy, and design. Other features include:

  • Multiple Shades Available
  • Reduce Interior Temperatures
  • UV Ray Protection 
  • Reduce Glare & Improve Visibility
  • Lower Energy Costs

XPEL VISION Security Clear Window Film

VISION is specifically designed to hold glass together in case of breakage, this film is constructed to take a hit. 8 and 14 mil films offer a thicker construction to improve glass safety and handle direct force.

Features & Benefits

  • Virtually Clear Protection
  • Helps Hold Glass Together In Case of Breakage
  • Makes Glass More Difficult To Penetrate
  • Creates A Safer Area For Work Or Play
  • Lower Energy Costs & Reduce Glare With Security Clear View Plus

We offer all different types of film, from decorative film to a security film that can further help protect your home and valuables. With our knowledgeable team paired with our high-quality window tint options, you can be certain to find a film that suits you and your needs. Ready to get started? Contact us today.