Are Tinting Your Home Windows a Good Idea?

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Are Tinting Your Home Windows a Good Idea?

From decreasing energy consumption to minimizing glare inside your house, home window tinting offers numerous practical advantages. This article will explore the benefits of investing in window tinting specifically for your home, considering it is the place where you spend a significant amount of time.

4 Benefits of Tinting Home Windows

Tinting your home windows offers a number of benefits including:

  1. Reduce Heat and Glare
    Window tinting for your home cuts down on the amount of infrared heat that enters as well as the visible glare that comes in through your windows. Home window tinting—generally referred to as architectural window tinting—creates a more manageable environment for yourself and your family. Reducing the glare coming in through your windows means that anyone inside your home will experience a dramatic increase in clarity.
  2. Lower Energy Bills
    By keeping the interior of your home cooler and the climate generally more friendly, architectural window tinting can lower your air conditioning bills, allowing you to recoup those expenses for other things. This works by cooling the home naturally by not allowing as much infrared and UV ray heat into the home, therefore keeping it cooler naturally and prolonging the time the air conditioning will have to kick in to continue cooling it down.
  3. Protect Interior Areas and Furniture
    The hot Florida sun can do a number on your carpets, walls, paintings, and photos, and even cause your furniture to fade over time. By reducing the UV light coming into your home, window tinting can help preserve your interior areas and furnishings for longer.
  4. Enhance Privacy and Security
    Window tinting makes it harder for outsiders to see inside your home. You can enhance your privacy and security by implementing architectural window film at security pain points to ensure any intruders stay outside, where they belong.If you’re interested in increasing your safety even more, security window film acts as a deterrent by making it harder for intruders to break the window and gain access to your home. This film not only acts to strengthen the window and make it harder to break in, but it helps keep the glass that has been broken in place, instead of shattering over the interior of your home.


Types of Window Film

At Universal Tint Pros, we offer architectural window tinting by XPEL VISION™ the industry leader in window tinting.

XPEL VISION™ Architectural Window Film

VISION home and office window film helps your windows perform better. With innovative technology that helps regulate temperatures, therefore lowering your home energy costs, the window tint also reduces incoming glare and diminishes harmful UV rays that may cause your furniture or artwork to fade.

Benefits XPEL VISION™ Architectural Window Film

  • Protect against harmful UV and infrared rays
  • Keep home or office cooler with more manageable temperatures
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Helps protect interior objects from damaging sunlight
  • Offers cost-effective strategy to climate-control your home

XPEL VISION™ Security Clear Window Film

VISION Security is designed to make glass more difficult to penetrate and to hold the glass together in case of any breakage. It also creates a safer work or play area with lower energy costs and glare reduction. Thicknesses of 8 and 14 millimeters offer thicker construction for a more robust, less penetrable window tint that offers heightened security features in addition to all of the XPEL VISION™ features.

Benefits of XPEL VISION™ Security Clear Window Film

  • Increases security of windows in your home or office
  • Reduces shattered glass in case of an attempted intrusion
  • Confers all benefits of XPEL VISIONTM Architectural Window Film
  • Comes in 8ml and 14ml thicknesses for increased security and durability

Factors to Consider Before Tinting Your Home Windows

It is vital to make some considerations before installing architectural window tint, such as:

Local Regulations

Check with any city, area and local government offices before having window tint installed. Additionally, it may be wise to check with your HOA or other neighborhood organizations to ensure that your home will be up to code.

Your Existing Windows

Many, but not all, glass types will work just fine with the XPEL VISION™ Architectural Window Film and the Security Clear Window Film. If you have a specific type of unusual glass in your windows, make sure to mention it when you contact us at Universal Tint Pros.

Window Orientation

If your home has an unusual orientation or you notice that your energy bills simply aren’t as high as you thought they would be, there’s a chance that your home was built considering its orientation and it simply doesn’t receive the kind of sunlight that requires the installation of window tint film.

Drawbacks to Window Tinting Your Home

While window tinting itself doesn’t come with many drawbacks, they’re also important to consider:

Reduced Visibility

If you live in a particularly shady area or you don’t receive as much sunlight as a result of your home’s orientation, window tinting may actually reduce the visibility inside of your home.

No DIY Installation

It is strongly recommended that you work with local professionals to install your window tinting, because the installation process can be complex. To get the biggest bang for your buck, contact professional window tint installers like the team at Universal Tint Pros to ensure a smooth and successful installation for all of the windows in your home—especially for homes with larger windows and complicated angles.

Enjoy Florida’s Sunlight With Universal Tint Pros – Pensacola

When we’re asked if tinting home windows is a good idea in the sub-tropical atmosphere of Florida, our answer is generally a hearty “Yes!” With the help of XPEL VISIONTM Architectural Window Film and XPEL VISIONTM Security Clear Window Film, you can be closer to the sunlight and the beauty of Florida without sacrificing your privacy, safety, security, skin, or climate.

If you’re ready for a solution that welcomes you back home, contact the Universal Tint Pros team in Pensacola. We hope to hear from you soon!