How to Protect a Brand-New Tesla

by | Oct 10, 2022 | Paint Protection Film

Your new Tesla looks perfect. Now, how do you keep it that way?

Paint protection film (PPF) could be your answer! This powerful product acts as a solid barrier of  protection between your Tesla’s paint and the outside elements.

Keep reading this article to discover how PPF can keep your new Tesla looking sharp for years to come.

What is PPF?

Paint protection film, also known as clear bra, is a thick, transparent layer of urethane that is seamlessly applied on top of your Tesla’s body panels. PPF is flexible, strong, and chemically stable. That means it will deliver powerful protection while not affecting the paint underneath. Think of PPF as your Tesla’s second skin.

PPF efficiently shields your Tesla’s paint from damaging outdoor elements, including UV rays, acid rain, bird bombs, bug splatter, and scratches and scuffs from road debris. It also has innovative self-healing properties, which allow the film to heal itself from swirl marks and light scratches when activated by heat. Many of these films are water repellant, making your Tesla easier to wash and maintain.

At Ultimate Window Tinting, we use XPEL‘s pioneering technology to cut the paint protection film to perfectly align with your car’s curves and surface areas. This ensures a flawless fit that effectively protects your paint.

Benefits of PPF On Your Tesla

Installing paint protection film on your Tesla comes with many valuable benefits, including:

  • Protects your Tesla’s paint from scratches, scrapes, scuffs, and swirl marks
  • Prevents fading and discoloration from UV rays
  • Self-healing properties
  • Easier to clean
  • Higher resale value
  • Superior, long-lasting protection

PPF provides everything you need to preserve your Tesla’s integrity and beauty.

Tesla’s Paint

Whether you drive a Tesla Model S or a luxurious Model X, you’re already well aware of your new car’s glossy, gorgeous paint. Tesla fans worldwide appreciate the stunning hues, including Mercury Silver Multi-coat, Deep Crimson Multi-coat, and Abyss Blue Multi-coat.

Unfortunately, Tesla’s paint is softer than that of other cars because of the stringent EPA laws in California. This makes Tesla paint super soft, increasing its vulnerability to scrapes and scratches.

To better protect your Tesla, we highly recommend getting PPF installed on its entire front end, including the fenders, hood, lights, bumper, and side mirrors. Since these areas are most susceptible to road damage, this ensures you keep your precious Tesla protected.

You should also consider having paint protection film applied to your trunk jamb areas and rear bumper to keep your Tesla’s backend protected as well.

To further enhance your Tesla’s protection, also consider adding ceramic coating to your car.

Should You Have Ceramic Coating Applied to Your Car?

The short answer is yes, you should also have ceramic coating applied to your Tesla. This industry-grade chemical polymer solution further protects your automotive paint from potential damage. Furthermore, its hydrophobic, or water repellant, properties make your car easier to clean.

PPF and ceramic coating work better together.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Some of the tops advantages of having ceramic coating applied to your Tesla include:

  • Protection from harmful UV rays and chemical stains
  • Enhanced color depth and gloss
  • Makes your Tesla easier to wash

Keep Your Tesla Looking Fabulous

Want to keep your Tesla in great shape? Have both paint protection film and ceramic coating applied to its exterior. These products ensure your paint will be protected from UV rays, scratches, swirl marks, scuffs, chemical damage, and more.

We’ll seamlessly apply both PPF and ceramic coating to your Tesla and keep it looking its best for years to come.

To learn more, call us today at (360) 686-2990. We look forward to hearing from you!