Why XPEL Is the Best Choice for Paint Protection Film

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Paint Protection Film

Watching the gorgeous coat of paint on your car get scratched, dinged, or discolored is so frustrating, whether you drive a luxury vehicle or want to keep your everyday vehicle looking new. Thankfully, you can take a single step to protect the look of your automobile — have XPEL’s paint protection film (PPF) installed.

PPF is is a clear film that coats part or all of your car, guarding it against all the annoyances that damage your paint job: rocks, debris, birds, weather, and UV bleaching. XPEL is a company known for creating quality PPF, with a reputation for being the best on the market. 

Resists Stains, Scratches, and Dents

The road, and the other vehicles on it, throw a lot at your car. Dings, chips, and scratches accumulate on your car’s paint job until it no longer resembles the shiny new model you bought. Unfortunately, damage tends to hit your car’s most vulnerable points hardest, like the front bumper and the backs of the side view mirrors.

The best way to prevent this damage from happening is to invest in a coating of XPEL’s PPF. PPF is designed to protect your car from the debris that causes scratches and nicks, as well as from the weather and UV rays that discolor your paint job. If a semi is kicking up gravel on the highway in front of you? No problem.

Installs and Remains Clear

Some people are hesitant to put a protective film on their cars because they’ve heard the film doesn’t look good. You don’t want to dull the shine on your paint job, and you certainly don’t want a film that starts to crack, yellow, or peel over the years. This has been a problem with competitors in the past, though all PPF products have improved over the years.

With XPEL, you won’t see any cracking, yellowing, or peeling, and your paint job will look shiny and beautiful. Improvements in the design of the film’s adhesive material have eliminated old problems with PPF. XPEL’s product looks clear and smooth for the duration of its time on your car. The only person who will know it’s there is you.

Because you can’t see the coating once it’s on your car, you can choose to cover either part or all of your car. We offer a few installation options to best suit your needs:

  • Partial front, which covers your full front bumper, the backs of your mirrors, and partial hood and fenders.
  • Full front, which covers your full hood, fenders, and front bumper, plus your headlights, fog lights, and mirror backs.
  • Full car.

If you aren’t sure what type of protection your car needs, we’re here to help you figure it out.

Needs No Upkeep

XPEL is a heat-activated film, which means it has the capability to “self-heal” when it’s exposed to heat. This film won’t show any wear and tear, no matter how many scratches and dings it protects your car from, because it continues to repair itself. This self-healing technology is also why XPEL film looks good on your car for so long. All the little imperfections that cause quality issues in other films are absent from XPEL products.

Lasts For Years

Once you’ve had PPF put on your car, you don’t want to need it to be redone every couple of years. XPEL excels at PPF longevity; once this film is on your car you’ll forget it’s there. At least, until you realize that you’ve got no new dents, dings, or scratches. You can take your car through the car wash without worrying that it’ll wear out the film, too.

Features Multiple PPF Options

XPEL offers two categories of PPF: Ultimate Plus and Stealth. Get the exact type of clear bra you need for your car’s protection with a little understanding of how these products differ.

Ultimate Plus

The Ultimate Plus line is a favorite among car owners. It’s easy to maintain and clean, looks great for years, and follows a formula XPEL has been improving for years. Within Ultimate Plus you have two options: Ultimate Plus 7, and Ultimate Plus 10. The first is a thinner film that’s appropriate for the interior and exterior of your car. If you’re protecting your paint job from normal wear and tear, Ultimate Plus 7 is the way to go. Ultimate Plus 10 is thicker, made for heavy-duty vehicles that do industrial jobs or go off-road.


For those who want to protect a car with a matte, frosted, or frozen finish, Stealth is your choice. It offers the same great benefits like self-healing technology and simple maintenance while preserving your vehicle’s unique flat finish.

Comes With a 10-Year Warranty

Both the Ultimate Plus and Stealth products are backed by a 10-year warranty. During the next decade, if your XPEL coating fails due to a manufacturing default, XPEL will remove and replace the coating at no cost to you. Defects include blisters, cracks, yellowing, stains, or a coating that starts to separate from your car. Ten years is a long time to back a product, so you can be confident that your car will be protected and look fantastic for a decade.

The People at XPEL Are Experts

XPEL is a small company when compared with other manufacturers of PPF. Protective films are what it’s known for and what it does best, instead of just one of many products the company offers like its competitors do. XPEL was founded in 1997 as a manufacturer of PPF, and it has been at the forefront of protective film technology for decades. When you have the film put on by quality PPF installers, XPEL products are known for their consistently excellent performance.  

We wouldn’t install a product on your car that we didn’t believe in. Are you ready to protect your car’s exterior with a PPF installation? Do you want to know more about the ways PPF can keep your car looking amazing for longer? Contact us to schedule an appointment or for more information. We’re here to share our expertise with you.