7 Signs Your Car Needs New Window Tint

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Window Tinting

The sun is never your friend while you’re driving. Rays can create glare for drivers or passengers, heat creates discomfort, and UV radiation gradually deteriorates interior material.

Tinting a car can help you mitigate most of the problems. However, like any other component of your car window tint wears over time regardless of the quality, which begs the question:

How can you tell it’s time to get your car’s windows re-tinted?

There aren’t set rules on how long your window tint should last because several factors come into play, however there are some obvious signs of aging you should look out for. We are going to focus on the seven most common signs that indicate your auto tint needs replacement.

1. Presence of Bubbles, Bulges, and Air Pockets Between the Glass and Film 

One of the clearest signs that your car tint is worn out and requires replacement is the presence of air bubbles between the film and the glass. In most cases, bubbles and bulges indicate that you previously installed a poor quality film, which might start to show up months or even weeks after the installation

Bubbles can also appear in windows that were not properly cleaned before film installation. Grease, dust, or other contaminants sometimes get trapped between the film and the glass creating air pockets that expand when your tint is exposed to the sun.

The air pockets and bulges can be an eyesore and compromise the performance of your window film. If you have bubbles, bulges, or air pockets in your current window tint, the only way to fix the problem is to have the film removed and reinstalled. If your tint is relatively new, check if the installation came with a warranty.

Next time you are looking to have window tint installed on your vehicle, ensure that the company you choose utilizes high-quality film and the installers properly prepare the window’s surface to avoid having these issues arise after installation. 

2. Fading Tint-or Turning Purple in Shade

Another obvious sign that your car tint is aging and needs replacement is checking for color changes. After prolonged exposure to the sun, even the best film can fade-turning dark gray tints to a light shade of purple.

The fading happens gradually and might occur unevenly. Uneven fading can cause light and dark patches on your windows. Tint fading clearly indicates that your car tint film is compromised, and you should replace it soon if you want to continue to protect your car’s interior. 

If your current tint has failed a short period of time after installation, consider using a premium tint next time you get your windows done. Even though a higher quality film may seem a bit more pricey, they are known to last longer and retain their color over time. 

3. Peeling Tint

The third sign that your window tint requires replacement is if it begins to peel. After years of exposure to heat and the sun’s damaging UV rays, your film can begin to peel away from the glass because of the deterioration of the film adhesive.

Unlike newly installed tint that lies flush against the surface of your car window, an aging tint slowly starts to peel away from the corners and edges. As the tint peels more, you may notice screeching sounds when you roll down your window, which might accelerate the peeling. In such a case, you should have a professional remove and replace your tint.

You might be tempted to remove the tint yourself and save money, but the process isn’t as easy as it may appear. Inexperienced removal of window film can cause damage to the glass such as scratches and you also run the risk of leaving behind glue making the reinstallation of tint more difficult for the installer and more costly for you.  

4. Presence of Scratches or Scrapes

The scratches and scrapes on your tint can make your vehicle appear unmaintained and can interfere with visual clarity while driving causing a safety hazard. Scratches and scrapes stem from different causes such as:

  • Frequent washing with improper towel or rag
  • Hitting your seat belt against your window
  • Tight rubber gaskets

When scratches or scrapes begin to appear, you should consider replacing your tint.

5. Your Car Isn’t as Cool As It Used to Be

Automotive window tint helps to keep the interior of your car cool and protected during the hot summer by blocking the harsh UV rays from the sun. However, after several years of exposure to the sun, your window tint can lose its efficacy in blocking the summer heat as well as it once did. 

If you note that your car is getting hotter inside than when you first installed the tint, and your AC no longer appears effective in cooling, it could be a sign that the film has faded and might need replacement.

If your tint shows no physical signs of deterioration, first check if your car’s AC is working properly to ensure that is not the issue. If your AC has no problem, you should consider re-tinting your windows.

6. Your Car Interior Has Begun to Fade

The sun damages your car’s interior. One of the core functions of window tint is to block out the sun’s UV rays, which accelerate the premature deterioration of the car’s interior.

Window tinting plays a crucial role in prolonging the lifespan of your car. The film acts as a protective agent that delays the aging of your car’s aesthetic. Upholstery fades at an accelerated rate if not protected from harsh UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Without tint, plastic features might crack during hot days. 

When your windows are tinted, but you still notice subtle signs of damage to your car’s interior, you should consider replacing your tint. Your film might have deteriorated and can no longer protect your car from the sun. 

7. Signs of Engine Wear and Tear

When functioning correctly, the tint protects your car from the sun’s heat. When the tint is worn out, your car will heat and contribute to faster engine deterioration, especially when you strain the air conditioning unit by mancing it out.

The right window tint reduces your car’s heat by up to 60%. When you have a cooler interior, you’ll reduce the air conditioning usage, extend the AC system’s life, and reduce fuel consumption.

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